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Peaceful People: Day 25 of Season for NonViolence (SNV): Friendliness

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SNV, nonviolence, peace, peacemakingToday is the 25th day of the Association for Global New Thought’s (AGNT’s) annual Season for NonViolence (SNV).  During these 64 days, from January 30th  through April 4th, we contemplate the qualities that contribute to a nonviolent and peaceful world.  When we really research what serves nonviolence, a key insight we find is that peace begins within the individual and then builds in the ways in which individuals relate to others.  Friendliness occurs naturally when we like others and hold them to be precious.  When one person talks to another, eye contact that communicates respect and valuing, even affection,  speaks directly into the other’s soul.  The receiver of the message of valuing is touched and uplifted and will treat the next person with that same valuing.  When we touch each other’s hearts with warmth and humor, we draw that out in others also.  What if most people were friendly and honoring with each other?

Here is AGNT’s meditation for Day 25.

DAY 25 Feb. 23:  The thought for today is FRIENDLINESS.  To humorist Will Rogers, strangers were simply friends he hadn’t met.  View those you encounter today in that light.  Every time I am friendly toward another, I help break down the wall of separation and I contribute to nonviolence.

Today: I will make a new acquaintance, befriend a stranger.   I will go up to someone I haven’t met yet and say “Hi friend.”


● Kebba Buckley Button is a minister and the award-winning author of  the 2012 book, Peace Within:  Your Peaceful Inner Core (, and Discover The Secret Energized You (  She also has a natural healing and stress management practice and is a celebrated public speaker.

This blog, Peaceful People, is the new home for Rev. Kebba’s articles and movie reviews about the SNV, nonviolence, peace within, and cultivating peace.  Until 2/19/13, her SNV posts and peace movie reviews were at, under the banner of UpBeat Living.  Please enjoy those as time allows.

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About Kebba Buckley Button

Kebba Buckley Button is a stress management speaker, author, columnist, healer, stress/pain solutions therapist, and chocolate advocate. She is the author of "Peace Within, Second Edition", the award-winning book, "Discover The Secret Energized You", and several other print and audio products. Kebba has been helping people with stress- and pain release and Joyful Unfoldment(sm) for over 20 years.

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