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Peaceful People: Day 43 of Season for NonViolence (SNV): Uniqueness

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Jonathan & Drew Scott

We have about 7 billion people on the Earth, yet each one of us is UNIQUE.  You can see this in identical twins Drew and Jonathan Scott, “The Property Brothers” of HGTV.  Whereas one (Drew) is more interested in being clean and doing paperwork, the other (Jonathan) is more interested in the visual and kinesthetic.  So, with the same DNA, Drew helps people buy homes, and Jonathan designs and rebuilds them.  Shouldn’t these two men have been truly the same?  But they are distinct from each other and each unique in the panoply of humanity.

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Pope Francis I
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Today we are encouraged to ponder our own uniqueness and that of others.  And today, a unique person became the next Pope:  Jorge Mario Bergoglio, son of Italian immigrants to Argentina, became Pope Francis I.  The new Pope, as a Jesuit and Cardinal, declined the Cardinal’s fine residence, chef, and limousine.  He lived in an apartment, cooked his own meals, and walked or caught a cab. Not only is he the first Pope from the New World, but his commitment to simplicity and humility will be UNIQUE to his new office. Two minutes into his first appearance at St. Peter’s Square, he made a witticism in Italian that cracked up the 20,000 people there, as well as the cardinals and staff with him.  What is the sound of 20,000 good-hearted people laughing?  Music to God’s ears and a UNIQUE start to a new era in the church that represents almost one fifth of the Globe.

So what is unique about you?  Take a few minutes, journal in hand, and note some distinctive qualities of you.  And consider AGNT’s meditation for Day 43 of the SNV:

DAY 43 Mar. 13: The thought for today is UNIQUENESS.  Dale Carnegie says “The greatest need people have is for love and approval.”   Most of us cannot help comparing ourselves with others, at least now and then.  This has become so entrenched in our culture that in order to have self-esteem, it seems almost necessary to say “I am better than he or she” implying therefore I am good.  As long as we compete with each other and compare one with another, a certain amount of envy is inescapable.  It is the very rare person who is completely free from jealousy.

But as our awareness grows, we will know that there is a UNIQUENESS about everyone. The truly nonviolent person never tries to compare himself with others, or others among themselves.  While being aware of our uniqueness, also being aware of our oneness creates a sense of nonviolence.

Today:    I will do something that shows how unique I am.  I may draw a picture, sing a song, dance or write a story.   I will praise, compliment or honor the uniqueness of someone I know and by doing so, notice the positive impact I make by recognizing their uniqueness.


● Kebba Buckley Button is a minister and Master’s Degree scientist.  She is the award-winning author of  the 2012 book, Peace Within:  Your Peaceful Inner Core (, and Discover The Secret Energized You (  She also has a natural healing and stress management practice and is a celebrated public speaker.

This blog, Peaceful People, is the new home for Rev. Kebba’s articles and movie reviews about the SNV, nonviolence, peace within, and cultivating peace.  Until 2/19/13, her SNV posts and peace movie reviews were at, under the banner of UpBeat Living.  Please enjoy those as time allows.

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About Kebba Buckley Button

Kebba Buckley Button is a stress management speaker, author, columnist, healer, stress/pain solutions therapist, and chocolate advocate. She is the author of "Peace Within, Second Edition", the award-winning book, "Discover The Secret Energized You", and several other print and audio products. Kebba has been helping people with stress- and pain release and Joyful Unfoldment(sm) for over 20 years.

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  1. I don’t think enough people sit back and enjoy what they have accomplished in life or how different (and special) they truly are. We’re always busy pointing the finger and exclaiming “I want to be like her/him” that our own divine beauty goes unrecognized.

    • Bonnie Gean, so true! How well I remember the scourge of teen conformity, the apparently vital necessity to be wearing the right thing and using the right slang. But it isn’t just teens. We could all benefit by a few minutes of communion with our journal, jotting down some things we appreciate about ourselves. Thanks so much for visiting and commenting.


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