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Peaceful People: Day 48 of Season for NonViolence (SNV): Ecology

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So how can we express nonviolence toward the Planet as a physical place?  Today we are invited to consider ECOLOGY, the study of the interaction of biosystems on this Planet.  More broadly, ECOLOGY refers to minding the environmental balance, within us and around us.  Managing our resources wisely has benefits within our household health and budget, and managing global resources wisely has benefits in the global community.


Our Planet will be healthiest with low use of natural resources and high efficiency in the use and recycling of all resources.  Are you already using the least and recycling the most?  Then you’ll love AGNT’s meditation for Day 48:



DAY 48 Mar. 18: The thought for today is ECOLOGY.  Gandhi said,

To forget how to dig the earth and tend the soil is to forget ourselves.


Individuals like you and me who make the final decisions about what is bought and sold in the stores, how much carbon dioxide is pumped into the atmosphere, and what is dumped into the sea. Each of us can begin to heal the environment right away by changing our daily habits.

And what about our internal environment, which is as real as the one we see around us?  This internal environment has a powerful effect on the external environment: the way we think affects the way we treat the earth. When we purify this inner environment, we are not only making ourselves more secure and fulfilled, but we are also making an important contribution to the health of Mother Earth.  Nonviolence extends from ourselves, not just to our brothers and sisters, but to the earth as well.


Today:  I will practice recycling by using at least one recycled product and by recycling a product.   I will reduce, reuse and recycle the products I use.



● Kebba Buckley Button is a Master’s Degree scientist, a minister, and the award-winning author of  the 2012 book, Peace Within:  Your Peaceful Inner Core (, and Discover The Secret Energized You (  She also has a natural healing and stress management practice and is a celebrated public speaker.

This blog, Peaceful People, is the new home for Rev. Kebba’s articles and movie reviews about the SNV, nonviolence, peace within, and cultivating peace.  Until 2/19/13, her SNV posts and peace movie reviews were at, under the banner of UpBeat Living.  Please enjoy those as time allows.

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About Kebba Buckley Button

Kebba Buckley Button is a stress management speaker, author, columnist, healer, stress/pain solutions therapist, and chocolate advocate. She is the author of "Peace Within, Second Edition", the award-winning book, "Discover The Secret Energized You", and several other print and audio products. Kebba has been helping people with stress- and pain release and Joyful Unfoldment(sm) for over 20 years.

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