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Peaceful People: Day 14 of Season for NonViolence (SNV): Humility

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Who doesn’t love peace?  Who wouldn’t love a world in which all peoples treat each other like, well, people?  Who wouldn’t love a world in which countries are in robust commerce with each other, and everyone is prospering, and everyone has food, shelter, and health care?  Who wouldn’t love a world in which everyone is so busy with positive and creative pursuits, that it doesn’t occur to them to pick fights, have tribal squabbles, or start battles with other countries?

Now, think of the most prominent terrorist dictators of the last few decades: didn’t they seem to feed on the power, rather than opportunities for community thriving and peace?  Did their egos feel the violence they fomented?  Could they have operated as they did, had they been humble?  Today, the 14th day of Season for NonViolence, we consider the quality of humility.

Here is the Association for Global New Thought (AGNT) meditation for Day 14:

DAY 14 Feb. 12:  The thought for today is HUMILITY.  Making mistakes is a part of learning and growing, simply an error in approach.  Paradoxically, the only way we can begin to escape from the consequences of our actions is to stop running from them and to face them with fortitude and humility.  In this sense, every difficult situation is a precious opportunity for learning.

When we humbly acknowledge our mistakes and reflect on what we have learned, it frees us from the need to be defensive.   Being free from defending our position creates an opportunity for nonviolence.

“The seeker after truth should be humbler than the dust. The world crushes the dust under its feet, but the seeker after truth should so humble himself that even the dust could crush him. Only then, and not till then, will he have a glimpse of the truth.”                                              -Gandhi

Today:  As I gaze up at the stars tonight, I am aware of how small I am, how my life is but a fleeting moment in the vast scale of time and distances of the solar system and the universe.  And in that moment of humility, I acknowledge that I DO make a difference.


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About Kebba Buckley Button

Kebba Buckley Button is a stress management speaker, author, columnist, healer, stress/pain solutions therapist, and chocolate advocate. She is the author of "Peace Within, Second Edition", the award-winning book, "Discover The Secret Energized You", and several other print and audio products. Kebba has been helping people with stress- and pain release and Joyful Unfoldment(sm) for over 20 years.

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  1. Humility is something that is missing from a lot of places today, thanks for sharing

  2. Humility is hard for the general population to grasp. Society doesn’t teach, reward, nor encourage humility. It’s sad. We encourage survival of the fittest. Dog eat dog.

    Great post!

  3. Humility is a practice for leaders at all levels to embrace. How much more peaceful and productive would our workplaces be if leaders demonstrated humility to their employees?


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