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About Rev. Kebba Buckley Button

Kebba Buckley Button

Rev. Kebba Buckley Button
Photo by Candace Thornton

Rev. Kebba Buckley Button dreams of a world in which all people are treated…like people.  She dreams of a world in which all people have the chance to develop their potential and seek happiness.  Are you in?  Then please click to like her FB page, subscribe to this blog, and let it change you.  If you share or comment on any articles in this blog, you will raise the exposure of the material and more people will see it and be changed by it.

Rev. Kebba is involved in her own peace ministry and in the Faith in Action ministries of the Franciscan Renewal Center, Scottsdale, Arizona.  In 2012, Rev. Kebba was invited to help plan the International Day of Peace Celebration at the Franciscan Renewal Center.  She then officiated the Interfaith Prayer Service for that Celebration.  For the 2013 program at the Franciscan Renewal Center, she created and officiated a full program including interfaith prayer and classical and African music (see the video on YouTube).  She continues to be involved in Peace Day celebrations and the celebration of solutions for the Globe.  She writes often about the development of Peace Within for individuals and about nonviolent approaches to solving world issues.  Her new class, the Biospirituality of Peace Within, will be given at the Franciscan Renewal Center in November 2014.

Look for her periodic reviews of movies that change us to help us create change.  And know that God blesses you.

Buy Rev. Kebba’s book, Peace Within: Your Peaceful Inner Core, Second Edition at: .

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